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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2019 12:45am-1:01am CET

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drakkar is marauding through the streets of kauai in france but don't worry it's just theater on the move. up basel is one of the leading contemporary art fairs in the world originating in the swiss city back in 1970 it has expired did so much of it now holds in hong kong for the asian markets and in miami to attract of course american by us this year in miami there's more art for sale than ever before and also more public installations for all to see like this one the big. a traffic jam sinking into a world famous speech miami beach this is one of the public installations at this year's miami art basel it's made completely of sand and the 60 cars are already a hit with visitors who like to snap selfies with a freakish of beautiful sculptor stumbled upon
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a. traffic jams as it put. who knows who knows where the after. maybe we should ask the artist landau elec from argentina his installation is called order of importance alec wanted to highlight the fragile nature of miami beach which is located on a barrier island when it comes to witnessing kind of change the coastal resort city could be in the front room. deals with. our relationship with environment and the car seat ses is a metaphor a symbol of what we are. capable of in time soft. as a species in terms of construction in terms of building manufacturing the cars a symbol of freedom technological progress and mobility are stuck in terminal gridlock with nowhere to go. i think this is something that goes
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beyond the a goal the goal of the of these they think this war that some public space it's accessible to all and hopefully. you know we. bring. some meaning to others the cars culture is one of the numbers public installations at this year's miami art basel that are going on display a few days ahead of the official launch. then a chawl is a pioneer of alpine architecture bowled in the mountainous region of south to roll in northern italy he knows better than most the challenges of building high up on state bridges or peaks standing projects like the experience along the border pass between austria and italy have attracted international attention his designs are straightforward indeed more like sculptures as he explained to us when we met up
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with him where else but high up in the mountains of south. the 2 miles york pass the scene of hard and groundbreaking work more than half a century ago the high all pine road connecting austria and italy was opened here architect knows how extreme conditions can inspire extreme feats especially when those extremes are in nature. in this magnificent landscape look around and you'll see everything's a sculpture and you can't respond to it with architecture all architecture fails so we try to respond with sculpture. like a great stone slab come to rest charles pos museum just so out from the barren rock a 2500 meters elevation protruding into south to roll from austria it's a borderline experience in stone. is the architecture is always communication it's there to look at and to bring people closer to the land and make
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it comprehensible and we have for example when someone walks through this building and looks out from the other side of the view they get a very different view of the landscape here. and if they stand here. and turn around in a circle it's not at all the same as looking at one perspective through a picture frame so to speak in this way they experience the landscape more intensely. then a troll regards the mountains the way a movie director might. in fact the south to role native originally wanted to study film directing. he calls himself a minimalist even if the feelings involved are monumental. i think joyce architecture is emotion pure emotion there's one single idea one single concept to a building and it shapes every last detail that.
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men are told has designed 6 truck chairs for the tamils you're going experience as it's called along the alpine road. another of his projects was dedicated in autumn 2018 on the south to rolling inside the timo transit museum it was a revival of a historical building. we were dealing with an old customs office building from the 1960 s. that's how it functioned and now it functions just as well as a museum but it's hard to speak a functioning. i'd almost rather say form follows landscape landscape. the architect avoids putting up entirely new structures he's seen as a master of revitalization his work on sigmund scorn casimir both tunnel made his name far beyond south to roll his futuristic concepts have also drawn widespread attention. completed one of his boldest projects in 2017. he built his own private residence high above luck where he was born. the
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landscape is the star here not the architect. and if you make a mistake it's your own fault. for someone else you can't experiment with certain things that be a problem. so these are things you can try out on your own house. is highest they say the craftsmanship suffers on your own house some things never quite get finished and. that's the case with these holes that are part of the concrete structure. i'm sure i'll think of something more artistic down the line to make them look better and seal them up there's. no seeds you know you always see your own mistakes you never achieve perfection you can always come up with something new and improved things and that's the motivation to one day really become a good architect so that's the dream home. in spite of his modesty very
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natural is trying nothing less than to alter the image of his home country with his architectural ideas this. is quite a house he has now the creator of the machines you're about to see likes to call the living architecture and i suppose this drug i'm behind me is a kind of architecture that moves it's certainly frightening from here anyway this is currently roaming the streets of cali in frogs but the locals all worried about this stuff it's been built to entertain. people by a fifa company called la machine in fact it's set to become quite a tourist attraction. a huge drag and it's rampaging through the streets of cali breathing fire and it's here to stay so it's out to get a good look at its new layer and the people who live there but they need to be on
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the lookout for this dragon is a tricky one. to track and he's great. you can't want to shower with my son from the dragon and wet from the rain but it's alright. the $72.00 tundra again is 10 metres tall and $25.00 metres long after the show it'll be on display in cali starting in mid december it will make its rounds at the french port every 20 minutes carrying up to 16 brave souls on it's bad. it was built by the french theater group la machine which specializes in creatures like this one. the dragon was built from iron and wood a few months earlier in the city of known to western france the project took some 2 years from the 1st sketches to the finished creation. it was designed by francoise delos yeah the founder of the machine some 80 people work
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together to bring the dragon to life metal workers carpenters artists and software programmers sure got the 1st i made a sketch out of the sculptor used it to complete this wooden model so i simply served as the prototype for the dragon of calais. then i had to be rendered digitally. the dragon skin is made up of some 200 individually crafted putting components. through all. the ruins of that blue is a bit more vivid than the last one. the symbol of the artistic ensemble is a giant elephant it regularly takes a stroll around la machines exhibition grounds and no. visitors there can see and experience it along with several other mobile creatures that have been created over
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the past 20 years. back in cali it takes a crew of 17 people to execute and synchronize the dragons movements. is it does it that you stand by what would i. look out. for are there really a good number to go. the job is a perfect. it's a pilot sits inside the head and controls the heads movements and the dragon's facial expressions. are 2 more people who control the jaws of the tongue the eyes and ears back as pierre is responsible for special effects like the water fire and steam heat and doesn't there's another for the wings and one or the tail even if
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you know there's one person for talon one who drives the vehicle and one in charge of overall coordination for every minute that i know you call them up with so. when night falls the dragon really comes into its own. and by the next morning some people may not be quite sure if what they saw really happened or if it was all just a dream. finally the hollywood actor jeff bridges is turning 70 he's appeared in over 75 movies today perhaps the most iconic was his role as the dude in the con brothers' cult film the big lebowski back in 1998 so i leave you with some pictures from a famous dream sequence in that film happy birthday jeff bridges and dream.
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what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay on fish. my name is dr carson he could i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. d.w. . why do we want. when do we want to know the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen. i'm not going to think. well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing when we
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should have been fixed even for german culture of looking at the stereotype question but if you think the future of the country but i don't. think it is grandma. you know it's all about. time rachel join me to meet the gentleman from your. post. this is the news and top stories the evidence for impeaching u.s. president donald trump for misconduct in office is quite overwhelming that's the verdict of the final report on the house investigation which supports formal charges against trump the white house dismissed the findings sign that produced no evidence of wrongdoing. france's president says he's standing by his remarks about manuel mccrone had previously the.


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